Mini Lush Haul | Bath Ballistics and Charity pot

It was a horrible dull wet summers day yesterday so my other half decided to take me and Lilly to our local lush store to stock up on some bath bombs and treat myself. 

I picked up 'Dragons Egg', I have wanted this one for ages and was so excited to pick on up. This was the first one that I grabbed whilst there. It looks quite boring from the outside with only a few specks of colour poking out.

Lilly picked herself one again, this time it was 'Think Pink'. This one is so bright with colorful flowers which she chose the colour of. The only problem was the one that she picked was at the bottom of the pile so we had to dig through all of them to get to her one.

I also picked up 'Sakura', This looked so pretty that I just had to pick it up. The bath bomb is coloured with pink and blue specks all the way around and with some sparkly bits on top.

At the check out I was asked if I wanted to donate £1 to charity and I would get a sample pot of hand lotion too so I said yes. I received a small pot of New charity pot hand and body lotion.This smells just like a Turkish delight chocolate bar which is one of my favourite sweets :)

I am so glad lush is about 30 minute drive from us other wise I would be spending too much.



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