July Favourites

My July favourites for you.

Zoella beauty fresh fizz bar

I am absolutely in love with Zoella beauty range and I decided to pick the fresh fizz fragranced bath fizzers. This is part of her new range which came out at the beginning of this month in the scent of tutti fruity. this fizz bar smells amazing and looks so pretty in its packaging, I wish the actual bar was coloured so we could see the fizzing happen more but the smell and feel more than makes up for it, I will defiantly be buying more from the Zoella range.

Garnier Micellar cleansing water

A new skin care product that I have been loving is the Garnier micellar cleansing water. I brought this from Tesco for just 99p and was so happy that I actually picked this up. You can use it on your face, lips and eyes too and works so well to clean you skin from make up and every day dirt. I find it also very lightweight and refreshing for a summer cleanser.

The orange tree, orange blossom, ginger and honey hand lotion

I needed a new hand lotion and was very lucky to find this hand cream, brand new in the packaging at a jumble sale for just 20p. This is from The orange tree and smells of a cristingle, which is not the best for summer, but I can work with it. This lotion works incredibly well and makes my skin feel so soft and smooth and makes my hands look brighter to. This hand lotion also has honey in which is a healing good for my hands with my scars.

Model Co Volumeyes mascara, black

Another mascara for me to love and use. This was another sample, this time from Glamour magazine. The mascara gives my eyes a wide open look and separates the lashes with ease. This product cots £16.99 straight from the website which is a little pricey but for a sample I love it.

Samsung Galaxy S5 (gold)

I got an upgrade and choose the Galaxy S5 in gold, I did have the S3 originally so I know the ins and outs of a galaxy phone. The colour of this phone is so pretty and i am so glad I picked gold. This phone also has an amazing app built in called Samsung fitness which can track steps, calories and even measure your heart beat. The battery life is so much better than my old phone.

The perks of being a wallflower book

Lastly this month is a book again, I have become a bit of a book work again. I love the film based on the book so decided that it was time to read the book and find out the bits they may have missed out. The story is a 'coming of age' scene with an added bit of back story. I cannot wait to get more imersed into this book as I have been wanting it for a long time.

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