Driving lessons 1-5

I have started my driving lessons finally and am so happy to be driving again. I have had 5 lessons so far and think that I am doing ok with it all.

Lesson 1

Lesson one was a big recap for me really. I have previously done over 20 hours. I drove on the main road and got into second gear.

Lesson 2

My second lesson was kind of the same but I reached 3rd gear and drove for most of my lesson, including driving home. It's so nice to have an instructor who is confident in me.

Lesson 3

3rd lesson and the fest manauver was up, the turn in the road. After he explained it he got me to have a go. I did pretty good and didn't hit the curb or stall. I also drove home again after this lesson.

Lesson 4

Lesson four was a continue on the 3 point turn. He got me to do it the times, once with him talking through it with me and twice on my own which I managed ;) first manauver complete. Again I drove home and actually drove from home too.

Lesson 5

Lesson five and my second manauver, the reverse around the corner. I did this three times, the first time I clipped the curb but managed to do it twice after without issue. Manauver two complete.

I can't believe that I will be doing my 6th lesson next Friday on which I start my third manauver, the parallel park. I am so excited for this. 

Check out my videos for a bit more detail on the lessons. 



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