What I ate Wednesday

I havn't done one of these in a few weeks so thought I'd share what I ate for you. Today wasn't the healthiest menu but everything is ok in moderation.

For breakfast I had some crunchy nut cornflakes from Aldi with some semi skimmed milk. These taste really good, especially for the price I paid, just 99p. I also had a small glass of strawberry and banana smoothie to get some of my 5 a day in. I also had a tea a bit earlier before my other half left for work.

My lunch was pretty unhealthy as I did a fry up, with it I had a slice of fried bread, some scrambled egg, 2 rashers of bacon, a sausage and a cheesy potato patty, it was so tasty and was exactly what I fancied. 

This afternoon I just had a small cup of tea and some 'fly biscuits' or fruit shortcake as there known to most. I also had a small hot chocolate before my other half got home from work. These just filled the gap between lunch and dinner.

For dinner I had Spaghetti bolognese with some mature cheddar cheese grated. I have been fancying this for a few days now and had a jar of extra mushroom sauce in, my favourite. Certainly went down a treat.

I hope you enjoy looking at what I eat and that it doesn't make you too hungry.



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