Planning our wedding

I have been recently looking at weddings items as my other half threw an unexpected re-proposal on News years eve/ news years day. I know it was a while back now but some evenings I love to just sit down and look at dresses of decorations which we may be able to use.

I founf this absoloutly beautiful dress and instantly fell in love with it, I actually cried because it just felt so right for me.

 I have also been looking at some of our local wedding venues online for a rough price range. We won't have the biggest budget but we want a day to remember together, so venue isn't the biggest deal as we can decorate to our taste and theme. 

I haven't really looked at a lot else just simple designs on pintrest for table centres and invitations. My boquet with consist of somesome artificial flowers made by a local company that I have worked for along with my Dad and now my Brother.



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