Our Sunday afternoon

We have had a busy Sunday today with our little Lilly pops, this morning we visited  great gramdma and great grandad. We then went across to Nanny's to sort Liams new car out a bit.

When we went to the great grandparents, all that Lilly wanted to do was help grandad in the garden, she helped him pick some flowers and sweep the petals that had fallen outside there bungalow.

After that we left for Nanny's to have lunch and our ice creams that we picked up on the way. We then went out to play in the garden, on her swing, in her sans pit and throwing th ball for buddy.

After that it was time to clean Liams new car, he polished all the inside and hoovered it out. After me and Lilly decided to help wash the car. Lilly scrubbed all the dirt off and then I rinsed it down after that. He then dried his car and we went back into the garden to play again.

Before we put the sponges and hose away we let Lilly wash her little tikes car down, she wiped her car over with a sponge then I rinsed off with the hose again. She then helpes Nanny put some leaves into a bag to get rid of them.

Our little helper was so tired after we got home so I cooked her some dinner and then showered her. She it now all tucked up in bed fast asleep. She was so helpful today and listened to pretty much everything we asked her to do.



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