May Favourites

I have finally got myay favourites together for you. I have been loving all of the
especially the camera which we used a lot of camera. 

Samsung Bridge camera WB11OOF

I love this camera so much, we got this before the holiday so we could get some good shots.This camera has 35x optical zoom and 16.4 megapixel. The zoom is amazing and we are lovong being able to get really good shots from family pictures to landscapes.

Pro Voke A touch of silver

This shampoo is amazing, as you know I have had blonde hair for a while now. Well my hair has had gingery tones since but this shampoo just got rid of those immediately making my hair look more of a natural look.

Nivea 2in1 Cleaner and Toner

I believe I mentioned this last month but I have been loving this cleanser. This cleanser cleans my skin and makes it look fresh. This takes my make up off without struggle and you can see the results left on the cotton pads.

Benefit Roller lash mascara

I did not get on with this mascara at first but after using Iit a couple of times I have finally managed to get it to look amazing. This mascara makes my eyes look more open and curls my lashes to makes them look made up. 

Botanics Hand cream

My hands are so dry and I have a horrible scar on my hand, this cream absorbs into my hand and makes them so soft. My hands look brighter and fresher than they have for a long time and the bottle is perfect handbag size.

Barry M flawless matte finish oil free foundation

I managed to find this foundation in the bargain bin in Superdrug. This foundation is very blendable and gives a fresh natural look. There are sometimes a red tinge in the foundation but that blends in very nicely too.



  1. Another great hand cream is Aveeno. I don't know if you have ever tried it but it is amazing!

    1. I use the aveeno moisturising cream and bath oil for my little girl for her eczema :) will defo try the hand cream


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