Lush Cosmetics | Sex Bomb bath bomb review

As most of you may know I was treated to some Lush bath bombs at the weekend and of course have already tried one. I loved it some much so I thought I would write a little review.

The first bath bomb that I tried was Sex bomb. This looked and smelt amazing in store. 

I placed the bath bomb into a nice hot bath, the moment the bomb hit the water it started fizzing and releasing a beautiful pink colour into the bath. The fizzing lasted over a minute.

The smell that I had fallen for in store filled our little bathroom with ease. The smell was slightly floral which I found very relaxing.
Inside the bath bomb was a small wafer rose which slowly melted away during the time of me bathing.

When I got out my skin felt soft and smooth and smelt so nice too.
All in all a nice pamper session for me.



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