From brown to blonde

As some of you may know, late last year I completely changed my hair colour to a colour I had never been before. I went from a purply brown to blonde with just 2x boxes of live colour xxl. 

To be completely honest I was incredibly nervous but knew that if I didn't like it I could dye it back again. My other half had wanted me to change to blonde for a while and I just decided to go with my head for once. Lol

We chose to use live colour xxl as we had had a good experience with it before hand and were sure we would get the best result at the end of it.

The whole time he was doing it I was petrified that I would look stupid ans was worried what people would have thought or said about me.

After I dried it I went crazy! I HATED IT!! It was just a shock to begin with but I was so uncertain. Lots of people at work told me it looked good and it grew on my family to. 

It started to grow on me to and I have completely got used to it now. It's strange looking back at me with darker hair now as I have just grown with it. 

I am so glad that I did this now :) 



  1. It looks really nice and suits you either way xx


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