Flash back Friday | MSC Splendida

Back in January 2012 I was lucky enough to be invited on a family holiday with Liam's family on a trip to the Mediterranean on a cruise ship. 

It was an absolutely wonderful week and we saw such amazning things and experienced a lot more than expected. 

We left for the airport at 5am after barely sleeping and was very nervous as I'd only ever travelled in a light air craft a few years before. The view from the airceaft was crazy of the mountains of the Alps. We flew to Geneo and were whisked away on a coach to our cruise ship for check in. 

I wish we could have spent more time in Genoa as it seemed lovely, were we straight on the ship and vice versa on return. 

After check in we were shown to our suite which was lovely, we had a balcony and a bed that was massive. Out luggage was already there and we had an area house keeper who was so happy. We'd come back after a day out and the bed would be made and our breakfast stuff would be taken. 

Our first desitnation was Barcelona which was beautiful. We had tapas for lunch which was such a cool idea, and I even got to put my spanish GCSE to use by ordering in there language. There were so many street performers to and little kiosks where you could buy newspapers and snacks.

We had a day at sea and that night was our formal night. I got to wear a beautiful dress and my man wore a tux for the first time. This was also the day that I found out I was pregnant with my Lilly.

The second stop was Malta, we took a tour of Malta, stopping at Mdina which was like walking into the game 'Assasins creed', it was beautiful. I also phoned my mum from there to say Happy birthday.

The next port of call was Tunis in Tunisia. We didn't travel to far and stayed in the port area. We were woken to a band playing outside and dancers. When we reach that port me and Liam got to ride on camels which was amazing. And after a little look around we found some dancers. Amazing port, so welcoming.

When then travelled to Civitavechia to travel to Rome. Rome is such a beautiful place, the roads are manic and the bulidings are old. We visited the trevi fountain and the collusium which was so surreal seeing them in person. There we so many street performers and seller and sadly we lost one of our camera there. 

Finally we stopped at Marsielle in France. We found this place to very expensive so only has a short time there. We took a look around and had a coffee then came home. 

The ship was absoloutly beautiful with stairs that had diamonds in the main stairs. There was a huge buffet on pretty much all day with very tasty food. And our main restaurant was beautiful. The drinks were amazing even for me with no alcohol, I loved there fruit smoothies and virgin strawberry daquari's. 

Our cruise was absolutely amazing, I would certainly recommend a cruise ship, even if your at a younger age like me, it was amazing. I would also recommend the company MSC, they were so amazing, always treated like royalty wherever we went, ever our servers in the restaurant. 



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