October favourites

It's that time of the months when I share my favourite items of the month.

Baylis and Harding hand and body polish

This scent is amazing it is sweet mandarin and, gratefruit, such a nice sweet smell and works amazingly for a pamper session. I would not use this every day.

Miss Sporty nail Polish in red

I love this nail varnish and it is so affordable. The bottle says it should last up to 7 days, I never keep mine on. The paint glides on with the brush and leaves nails looking smooth and clean.

Yankee Candle, Fireside treat 

This is so autumnal, the smell of cakes and baking with marshmlows and a hint of wood burning. 

Impulse temptations bodyspray 

This smells so fruity and you don't need a lot as it is a very strong scent from this. So handy to, you can just pop it in you bag and go.

I am still on my twilight, eclipse book so no change there.

My favourite TV show has tp have been 'Our Girl' I completely loved this series and cried so much watching the series finale. It had comedy in it and serious. A perfect Sunday evening show.

Lilly book of the month is Hippos at home. A wonderful story of a family going through there day. Each page is a seperate activity on which the family partake. A great childhood memory of mine too.



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