How to keep warm in winter

Here are a few tips that we use in winter to keep warm. This is a hard task in our house and have made a few purchases since being here to help cope with the cold.


I love having blankets out in the winter, I think they make the home look cosy and homely for everyone. I place them on the tops of the sofas so are handy when we want to wrap ourselves up.
We also have an electric blanket in our bed, I personally could not live without this now. putting the bed on 10 minutes before bed and its heaven to get into. 

Draft excluders

These are so good for keeping the draft at bay as the name says. We just have the simple ones that screw into the doors but I know that you can get quite cute fabric ones that are handy to use anywhere really. We just have one on the front door but living in a block of flats it really helps when the block windows are open or someone has just come into the block.


Layer up, simple as that, instead of turning the heating on straight away, put a jumper on or a pair of slippers. I love to wrap up in cosy clothes and just relax. for kids add a vest and thicker, longer socks even for yourself. I also wear a vest top under and usually two pairs of socks because my feet freeze up so easily.

Hot brews

A good old hot drink can really warm you from the inside out. Hot chocolate with marshmallows, tea or even a cuppa soup can be so nice, even to hold for hand warming. having a warm drink you can really feel it warm you up instantly and is also a nice thing to have during the day anyway.

This is how we, as a family keep warm in the winter on a budget. common knowledge really and so simple but sometimes a cuppa or a blanket can be forgotten.



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