Hastings Bonfire 2014

Last night was our annual bonfire night which ends Hastings week, a celebration for the battle of Hastings. It was lovely weather last night, not to cold and no rain. Credit to others for the photos and my phone had no power.

My Dad and brother were both in the parade with ssection 5 drummer's, which I used to be part of. Lilly hated the rookies but we soon moved away.

After the parade had gone through, we stood a little way back for a while to let the crowds move, Lilly also got a light up wind mill. Which didn't break the bank for once.

We find a nice spot on the beach and waited for the parade to end in the firesight. This didn't take too long. Lilly was a bit uncertain about the fireworks with the noise but was ok with her head on my shoulder watching. She absoloutly loved the bonfire though. Another great night from the Hastings bonfire boys!



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