Bedtime routine

I thought that I would share Lilly's bedtime routine at the age of 2. So this has changed drastically Inpudding st 2 months.

My sleeping princess.

So firstly we start off with dinner at about 6pm every night. She will have something quite filling and pudding after which is usually yogurt.

Every other day she has a warm bath with tiys in that lasts about 30 minutes, we dont bath her daily as it is bad for her excema.

When it isn't her bath day we will usually have a calm down session in her room with reading or singing.

After that we will them put her in her pajamas and get her comfortable and brush her hair and teeth.

She then usually has about 30 minutes in the living room with us and we will talk about the things that we have done that day. 

At 8pm she says her good nights and me and her go to her room. She has one or two books, depending on length and how tired she is. I then say goodnight and give her cuddles. She them settles on her own.

Roughly two months ago she could no sleep without a dummy or fall alseep without me holding her hand. She has come ever such a long way. So proud.

That is how we do Lillys bedtime, hope you enjoyed



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