Munchkin feeding bundle

We were ever so lucky to win this feeding bundle back in June, a few things we have put away for the future but I thought I'd review what we have used.

What the bundle included:
- Monsters click lock Spill proof cup
- Monsters click lock Flip straw cup
- Monsters click lock trainer cup
- 4 White hot safety spoons
- 2 First weaning spoons
- 6 Soft tip spoons
-Toddler Fork and spoon set
- Click lock Bento mealtime set

The four product that are in bold are the products I have used and would like to review, the other items have been put away.

Monsters click lock spill proof cup

Firstly is the beaker below, I love the way they have that distinct click so you know if they are done up tightly, the teat also feels very well made and bite proof which is a huge bonus with Lilly at the moment. I have noticed they it does have a slight leak from somewhere, unsure weather they are all the same or weather ours has a small malfunction. Also the design has started to ware off of the sides but has been used a lot in the past few months so not a bad beaker.


Monsters click lock flip straw cup

I prefer this beaker but Lilly does struggle to understand that she does not need to tip this up to get the juice out. This beaker seems more tight and have not notice any spillages at all with this one. It comes totally apart so all pieces can be cleaned sepertaly and is very easy to dissemble and reassemble. I just hope Lilly gets used to using the strawed one soon.

Toddler fork and spoon set

I am so happy with these, they seem to be very easy for Lilly to hold and to use, the fork picks up her food quite well after she has stabbed it with the wide prongs. The spoon is quite deep so Lilly doesn't seem to spill things off of it as easily as with a normal spoon, she also likes the amount of yogurt it can hold. These are also very easy to clean and do not stain with pasta sauce or curry sauce which is a huge bonus in our house.

Click lock Bento mealtime set

Lastly we use the Bento mealtime set when we go out for the day. This has a separate sandwich compartment with lid, and also has lidded pots for fruit and veg which are removable so you could use for many things, it also comes with a compact spoon and fork that attaches to the lid. I love the design of this, the compartments are a perfect size, not to big or small, and I love how every is lidded off so not spillages or food going stale. Very happy to use this on any days out as its good even for just putting snacks in for both of us.

I feel very privileged to have won this huge bundle and being able to put such high quality items to the test and other away for the future makes me ever so appreciative, 

Thank you Munchkin.



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