5 years time

Five years seems like an awfully long time but I have a lot planned.


I would ideally be either have a good paying job, full or part time depending on circumstances, or training to be a nurse at university. This is something I am determined to do at some point in my life to make something of myself and to make me and my family proud. I have wanted to be a nurse for a few years now. But as long as we both have a comfortable wage coming in to provide for Lilly and anything else we need to without worrying.


I would defiantly like to be out of where we are now and into a house, a family home! So clique I know but we are not happy where we live and want to hopefully make a fresh start in a new place for all of us. But I think a nice little 2-3 bedroom house isn't too much to ask for.


Lastly is the children front, not going to lie i am incredibly broody and would have another baby in a instant if we were in a happier more comfortable place with not just home but life in general. So not having to worry about where the next bill is coming from or how were going to buy all the food we need.

I hope I'm not asking too much. 



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