Saving for Christmas

There are so many ways you can save for Christmas.

The way we save for Christmas is our store cards for Tesco and Sainsburys mainly. We have the Christmas saver put onto our clubcard so we can save our vouchers through the year. I love this idea as we spend the vouchers willy nilly otherwise. We also try and keep vouchers that may either help or save money on the other essential items around Christmas time.

Our second way of coping with Christmas is buying through the year, so I am going to start getting ingredients for Christmas baking in every week now, I will also be looking for Christmas treats and presents so it spreads out the cost.

I really want to put money away in the butchers too and green grocers, I am unsure if our local stores do this so I will look into this. I love the idea of saving for Christmas as it means we can make it more of an occasion without it putting to much of a dent into our bank balance especially with our budget at the moment.

I hope this gives you some ideas :) and I know its kind of early but that's the way we save in our house for my favourite time of the year.



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