Our weekend.

So I'm also going to say about Friday, me and Lilly went to meet Grandma and Grandad in town we walled over to the beach and had a couple of cups of coffee too. One of the shops was next to the fish mongers, and Lilly wanted to take them back to the aquarium, bless her.

All Lilly wanted to do was push my mum around town In her wheelchair, giggling away, I suppose she has seem me push her around in her normal one.

Lilly is getting so good with her building blocks, left her too it and then looked over and she had managed to create these two structures, really proud of her.

Lastly me and Liam had a film night and treat night. I didnt end up tucking into my Lu bar on the end but had a few other bits and of course my hot chocolate woth marshmallows. We ended up watching Zombieland and part of The Full Monty.

Such a nice relaxed weekend.


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