Spring forward with a toddler?

Its the time of year some parents dread, the clocks changing. I know I did but here's how I have coped with the Spring change

The nights are lighter and the whole idea of the hour being different is hard for a toddler to understand.

I have tried to keep Lilly in exactly the same routing as before, so dinner at 6pm and be at 7:30 which seems to have worked so far. 

I thought the first night was going to be terrible as it was still light in her room and the night before it was obviously only 6:30pm. So I sorted her bottle, read her a story and closed the curtains (as we do together every night), got her to say goodnight to Daddy and took her to her room. She climbed in and I gave her her bottle and sat by her which I do.
To my surprise she was asleep before the end of her bottle.

I am so happy that it worked out for us like that, I hope it hasn't been to bad for you. Let me know.



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