What I ate for dinner 22nd-28 February 2014


 I ate a chicken and smoky bacon layered salad, this salad consists of carrot, lettuce, cucumber, peppers, pasta, chicken, smoky bacon and some sort of dressing.This is a shop brought salad from Tesco, it looked so tasty and called out to me, the let down is that it is quite high calories.
For pudding I had a mini malteaser bunny which was so yummy :)


On Sunday I had so whitby scampi, homemade chips and some tar tar sauce, I haven't had this in ages and really fancied something different. I deep fry the scampi, I know the most unhealthy way but tastes so much better. The chips are just a spud cut up and some Tesco tar tar on the side. Nom.


I had a lovely home cooked meal from scratch today. I had chilli con carni cooked in the slow cooker, which I have picked at all day! so nice. I added a little ginger and cinnamon too. I had this chilli with plain white rice which was a bit gunky but tasted good.


on Tuesday I used up the rest of the chilli con carni, I hate wasting food so put the rest in the fridge till Tuesday, I had the chilli with some cathedral city cheese grated on top. still tasted as good as it did on Monday.


Wednesday I had macaroni cheese which my lovely other half made for us three, was the best cheese sauce that he had made. such a quick simple meal but he seems to be able to make it non floury and very cheesy. we all devoured the bowls of macaroni cheese within minutes.

Thursday and Friday
On Thursday I had a stir fry with a blue dragon chow mien sauce. I used Tesco stir fry vegetables, SPAGHETTI and a pepper. so nice. Yes I did say Spaghetti, cheaper and doesn't taste much different to me. I had some left over so used the next day too with some chicken added. was the best £2 spent in along while.

Thanks for reading :) Hope you enjoyed. xxx


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