Healing Eczema with Aveeno

From the age of about 6 months Lilly has suffered with a mild form of eczema, this usually occurs on the back of her arms, he hands (occasionally) and the back of her legs. I wanted to share the two products that have put and absence to the eczema for a while now. 

We have been prescribed these for Lilly, but you can buy them in the shops.

Aveeno Body Wash 

This product is actually quite new to us, we used to use the bath oil but were given this instead this time and I am so glad. This is quite a large bottle and you need very little to get a good lather out of it. The scent of the product is very subtle but is quite pleasant. 

This product is soap, alcohol and paraben free which certainly puts my mind at rest, but the main reason I love this is that it contains naturally active oat essence which is known as a barrier for skin. 


Aveeno Cream 

The Aeeno cream has much the same scent as the body wash and again you need not use a lot as it goes far. I use this all over after every bath time making sure to work in the areas she is prone to get the break outs/

This is great for giving that little extra moisture that it needs and is designed for people who are prone to eczema. Again this product contains active oats but this time it is naturally active Colloidal oatmeal which certainly seems to keep the eczema at bay.


I am so glad that we are able to use these for Lilly because I believe that they are incredible and would highly recommend them.


  1. I love Aveeno products, they're so soothing.

  2. I've heard about these. My friend uses them on my nephew, he's got awful eczma!

  3. I've only heard good things about that creme, glad it's helping her!

  4. I really need to try out a bath oil actually, it would be great for my dry skin. I love Aveeno products though! x

  5. I have used Aveeno before and it has been a life saver! I would love some right now as my skin is a bit sore x

  6. These sound promising, I know oats are meant to be great for eczema prone skin! :)

  7. Ive never tried the Aveeno brand before but it sounds really good! :)


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