Toddler Outfit | Red Nose Day Mufti

Hello Spring and hello Comic Relief, this year was the turn of the red noses to make an appearance  and to make us all look very silly. Lilly was allowed to go to nursery in mufti for a small donation as long as the outfit contained something red. This was a struggle for us but I went through her clothes for the next size up and found a super cute jumper.

The jumper is from George (Asda) and features Tatty Teddy, her leggings are simple navy blue ones with small white hearts which are from H&M, The sun t-shirt was from Nutmeg (Morrisons) in the summer months, her bow is from Amazon which are a real bargain. Lastly her Sniffer the dog red nose was from Sainsbury's.

I am so glad that schools still take place in raising money for comic relief, what did your little ones do? And what did everyone think of Red Nose Day Actually? 


  1. This is such a cute outfit! I love Tatty Teddy :) x

  2. Great post for those with children. Some very cute items :) x

  3. I always think it is lovely to raise money for charity . I love the tatty teddy t shirt it is so cute!

  4. Aww gorgeous outfit. Tatty Teddy is such a sweet company!

  5. Aw, what a cutie - she looks so happy too! My youngest would love that red bow. x

  6. I'm torn about it because I have seen some suggestions that the money overseas often buys weapons? I hope not, eeek!

  7. She's so cute and I love that jumper! I love Asda's clothes for the children.


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