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I am getting through the books this year which is so rare for me, I am usually a really slow reader but it seems to help with my anxiety at night.

This currently reading I have two books to show, Billy and Me and Christmas with Billy and Me, I thought that it will take me at least a month to read the main book which will put us into December to coincide with Christmas. I have been holding out to read this book for month because of this reason.

I have only just started reading this story so can't really tell you a lot about the story or anything,

This was Giovanna Fletcher's first novel of many. I love how she writes and am looking forward to getting to know a new set of chanracters.

Originally Published: May 23rd 2013, November 6th 2014
Author: Giovanna Fletcher
Followed by: Christmas with Billy and Me, Always with Love
Genre: Romance


  1. I absolutely love billy and me. I think Giovanna is such a talented writer x

  2. Ah I like the idea of a Christmas themed book at this time of year x

  3. Haven't read these books yet, but would love to. The covers are so pretty!

  4. I want to read this! Tom and Giovanna are so cute - my friend is married to Danny! Georgia! x

  5. Love the idea of reading a Christmas related story on the lead up to Christmas! Hope you enjoy it x

  6. I've also been reading a lot this year and I've really enjoyed it! I haven't read Billy & Me yet though, sounds like a great read! xx

  7. I wish I could sit down and read a book form start to finish, but I have a concentration. These books look lovely though


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