Halloween / Autumn Lush Haul • 2016

I have been seeing all these post on instagram and twitter about the Halloween bath bombs from Lush this year and have never actually used any Halloween ones before.

I am really into Halloween this year and wanted to make it a little extra special with some non sweet treats for me....but of course I got Lil's one too. I made an order on Friday and asked for some samples too.

Bath bombs

Northern Lights: 
   This has been a bath bomb that I have wanted to try since I found Lush. It has changed from it's original look but is chunkier than it was I believe. The scent is Ylang ylang and Jasmine which is so calming. 
   Price £3.95 each

   This is the one I picked up for Lilly, I think it looks super sweet and it large enough that we can cut it into two for her. The scent is of an amazing pumpkin pie, it literally smells edible. You get the smell of pumpkin with spices and the scent is just super warming.
   Price £3.95

Monsters' ball:
   This is my Halloween night bath bomb. I thought that it was super cute and different to what I usually pick up. The scent is lime and neroli oils which smells very refreshing. I think its looks like a female version of Mike from monsters inc.
   Price £4.25


T for Toes, foot powder

Happy Happy Joy Joy, conditioning hair perfume

Happy Hippy, shower gel

Yuzu and Cocoa, shower creme


  1. My fave is the female Mike from monsters Inc. Great description.

  2. I love the Lush selection of Halloween goodies! The monsters ball bath bomb sounds fab, I really would love to try that one. The scent sounds really lovely and unique, too! :)

  3. Oh I do love Lush products, they smell so heavenly! These look amazing. Kaz x

  4. So many lush reviews, I feel like an expert in it! I've never even been in to the shop before! They should amazing though and the shops smell gorgeous.

  5. Did you see the ruby slippers bath bombs!? They were so pretty but I wasn't a massive fan of the smell ��

    1. I did but I wasn't sute on weather to get it. Such a cute bathbomb though x

  6. These look so cute! The monster ball is my favourite :)

  7. What great finds! I love that pumpkin bath bomb!

  8. I do love the Lush stuff for Halloween, such good choices x

  9. I love the sound of the Monsters' Ball scent! Hope you enjoy your Halloween-y baths :)

    Jess xo | The Indigo Hours


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