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I am currently reading the second book by Zoe Sugg,  Zoella which is titled Girl Online on tour. I have been waiting quote a while for the paperback version to come out, because personally I prefer paperback to hardback.

I recieved this book for my birthday and put it as the next book to read in my 'To read' pile. I started this about a week ago now, after finishing The Cursed Child.

So far I loving it, I am just over 100 pages in to the story. The book, so far follows on from Girl Online brilliantly and just makes me love the characters even more.

This book follows Penny Porter as she travels with her 'Rock star' boyfriend Noah Flinn on tour. She is a blogger but doesn't post as much due to a media situaion (Girl Online) and suffers from anxiety issues too. 

Originally published: October 20th 2015
Author: Zoe Sugg
Proceded by: Girl Online
Followed by: Girl Online Going Solo
Genre: Romance novel, Drama


  1. I didnt read the 1st one as its not my kind of book but glad to hear that your enjoyng them :)

  2. Sounds interesting. I read the first one, not sure if I will be picking up the second x

  3. I dont think this is for me but I am always glad to see another blogger doing so well x

  4. My sister has both of these books so I might steal them from her and give them a read x

  5. This sounds like a good book to take on holiday for light reading.

  6. Lovely cover. I tried reading this book but it wasn't my style.

  7. I was curious to read the first one - sounds like the second one is good too.

  8. I haven't bought any of the Girl Online series as I assumed them to be a little young for me. I'm into my crime and psychological books at the moment. I love the cover artwork of GO and think its great that a youtuber has brought out a book. Team internet :D xxx

    1. I quite like simple books at the moment due to my anxiety but I do hope one day I can get into more full on books again x


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