A Story of a Necklace

Being the sentimental person I am there are lots of little items that mean a lot to me. I have so many bits of jewellery that I have owned for years, but there's is always one piece that stands out for more than just the glamour of the piece.

I have a beautiful necklace that I received on Christmas day back in 2011. This came with me on a big adventure in January of 2012, a cruise around the Mediterranean with Liam's family.

The night that this particular piece was on show was during the formal evening. This was an incredible evening to end an incredible day of which I found out that I was expecting our little girl. The necklace complemented my beautiful evening dress which we wore to the ships restaurant.

We had a three course meal which was absolutely incredible, after we strolled around the ship and enjoyed the warm weather with a few mocktails (non alcoholic) and smiled the night away.

Sadly this piece hasn't been worn since as I haven't had a reason too but I love the memories that such a small item can hold within you.

I was inspired to tell the tale of this sentimental piece by Invaluable, which is an online site with a beautiful jewellery selection for you to find a piece of your own.


  1. I love that your necklace has such an interesting story with it, I think it's super cool that you've written this post. I haven't seen one like it before :) x

  2. It's always nice when jewellery holds memories. I'm sure you'll have other occasions to wear it in time x

  3. Aww, how lovely that this necklace holds so many wonderful memories. It's such a beautiful necklace! xx

  4. It's a gorgeous necklace - my invaluable piece of jewellery is definitely my engagement ring x

  5. Such a beautiful story! all my pieces of jewelery have a story to them

  6. We all have a jewel that tells a story and this yours. Its a gorgeous necklace.

  7. Beautiful piece and it suits you.

  8. Oh how lush!! I always find if I have a piece that hold a lot of memories I won't wear it again in fear of losing it!

  9. Really beautiful piece of jewellery! I love the memories behind it :)


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