My Road Trip Playlist

Not being long back from a great camping trip and planning another I have been thinking about what songs to listen to on the journey there. A playlist makes a road trip more memorable and can make the journey seem to fly by. 

I love a wide array of music but my favourite songs whilst driving are lively songs that you can sing along to whilst enjoying the drive and even giving someone a giggle when they catch you singing. I personally love a huge ballad or musical hit that you can belt away to yourself or with your passengers, which is usually my daughter. 

Talking of road trips I have been introduced to Turo which is a car sharing company, sadly only in America at the moment. This is a company where you can rent a car from a specific area and even list your own car to be rented out. The other great thing is that some of the renters leave a CD or a playlist with their car.

Check out my road trip playlist below



  1. Great play list = great road trip. Can't wait for Turo to make its way to England.

  2. Great playlist - I love a good old sing to Bohemian Rhapsody o a road trip - you can't beat it! Kaz x

  3. Fab playlist for a road trip. This playlist should keep many entertained.

  4. I love a good roadtrip and having a good playlist definetly makes the journey a lot better! :)

  5. I always say I should make a road trip playlist and I always forget. Hopefully I will remember to make one tomorrow as on Tuesday we are going in London for the day and that means a very long drive.

  6. The car sharing idea sounds really good, hope it comes to the UK!

  7. Great playlist. I tend to just listen to the radio when I'm driving, I'm never organised enough to set up a playlist.

  8. Nothing better than some good tunes to accompany a road trip, makes it much more enjoyable


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