Libaries • The forgotten resource

We have recently been visiting our local libary lately and Lil's now has her own card. We visit about once a week now for Lilly to pick a few books to read. 

We have a huge amount of books anyway but its nice to read some different stories and maybe find some new authors we like. 

I let her choose 3-5 books per time as I believe that we have plenty of time to enjoy the stories and still read that ones we already own. 

After the first time visiting I thought about how libaries are pretty much forgotton. We were the only people in there for the twenty minutes we were there and that has been the same since. 

I used to love going to the libary when I was younger and used to pick Where's Wally all the time lol. We used to visit with the school and that's where my love of reading really came from, I hope that I can share my love with Lilly which seems to be working.

Do you visit your local libary at all? 



  1. I used to adore the library when I was younger and would visit often. Unfortunately I can't say the same now as I use my kindle a lot more. It's definitely something I'd like to encourage my children to do though, as you have with yours!

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    1. I can't get on with a kindle,I love the feel and smell of books lol x


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