Why swap to an electric toothbrush

Next week I am back at the dentist for a check up which I am hoping goes well so wanted to post about my experience with electric tooth brushes and why I swapped.

My dentist recommended me to swap to an electric toothbrush to help ruduce the plaque I had and make my gums a lot healthier as they were very inflamed when I first went back.

I personally have the oral B vitality plus white brush and, at first, was a little worried to try this. I was worried that it would be uncomfortable and wouldn't make much of a difference.

I was very much mistaken and would not go back to a normal brush. My teeth feel amazing after using the brush and my teeth and gum look a lot healthier than before. They also look cleaner and brighter too. 

We also have a battery powered brush for Lilly at the moment to see how she would take to it and feel we will upgrade her to a full electric one in the near future. 

She currently has Colgate Barbie battery toothbrush, this was on offer at the time for £2.99 and wanted to see how she got on, she really likes the way she can be like mummy and brush our teeth together. 

I personally would recommend changing to an electric on if you haven't already. I also floss daily too now to finish the clean and again wouldn't stop that seeing the difference it has made.



  1. I didn't realise they did electric toothbrushes for kids. I think Lily would love the princess one and what a great deal!

  2. My older kids have electric toothbrushes now, and I do too, although I'm a bit lazy about using it, tending to just grab my normal brush instead! Must do better :)

  3. My kids have one and so does my hubby - sounds like I need to too!

  4. The kids and i all have electric toothbrushes - they definitely leave your teeth feeling cleaner than an ordinary toothbrush! xx

  5. I love my electric toothbrush and wouldn't change it for the world! My husband moans because of all the noise it makes

  6. Never used an electric toothbrush but my big girl has a battery powered one and loves it. May invest next time I see them on offer. I find them very expensive and the refills too, that's the only thing holding me back from upgrading.

  7. I'm reading a lot about the benefits of an electric toothbrush lately! This sounds really great and I am convinced I need to swap :p x

  8. I've just swapped my daughters to an electric one. Perhaps I should do the same. I also floss daily x


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