The Mummy Tag

Hello, I have been a little absent lately, I have been busy sorting a lot out and had a couple of meetings too. But I am back and starting with the Mummy tag. 

I was tagged by the lovely lady Michelle from mummymimi

Here's the questions:

1. Are you a stay at home or working mum?

I am currently a stay at home Mum but will be volunteering at my daughters school in September for hopefully getting into a teaching assistant position.

2. Would you have it any other way?

I wish I was currently working but only for the money side of things, I hate relying on my other half.

3. Do you co-sleep?

I used to when Lilly was young and do if she is poorly but other than that she sleep in her bed in her room.

4. My Newborn must have?

My has to be the sea horse that lights up and plays music, Lilly absoloutly loved this and settled her so easily.

5. How many kids do you plan on having?

I would love another one at the moment, I have always dreamed of a big family but my other half isn't so keen so will settle with one more if he will agree. Lol

6. Date night? How often?

Never. I have never actually spent a day or night away from Lilly with Liam since she was born almost 4 years ago.

7. What's your childs favourite show?

Lilly loves a few, her favourite was star gazing but it's not currently on. Her favourite channel is Cbeebies.

8. What is 1 thing you brought for your newborn and never used?

Maybe a couple of outfits as she had so many but other than that we tried everything.

9. Childs favourite food?

Lilly loves fruit mainly but she also loves her pasta to.

10. How many cars does your family have?

We have two but my other half has stripped his out to just two seats, he is a car fanatic and has been waiting for me to pass my test to do his.

11. Weight gain, before pregnancy, durif after and now?

I never really weighed myself before having Lilly but I was quite slim, during I only really put on a little, after I pretty much went back to normal, now I am just bluegh. My belly is so flabby which I need to work on.

12. What's your dream family holiday?

I personally have only really been to Haven camps and used to loves those so would love to take her back to one of those.

13. Dream holiday without kids?

A cruise where I haven't got to worry about being pregnant and drinking and can just relax and visit loads of places. Or America, I have always wanted to go to America.

14. How has life changed since having kids?

Certainly more tired, sense of purpose? I dunno really! Its harder but well worth it.

15. Finish the sentence. It makes my heart melt when.....

My little girl achieves something, no matter how small. 

16. Where do I shop for my kids?

We love morrisons clothing, so cheap but really nice quality and lovely designs too.

17. What's you favourite make up and skincare?

I love MUA make up, it super cheap and works really well. BUT I do love getting high end samples from the mags too. My skin care is Nivea by far.

18. Huggies or pampers?

Huggies to begin with as they has a little cut out for the umbilical cord, then they stopped selling huggies so went onto Tesco's own as we always shopped there.

19. Have you always wanted kids?

Yes, for a long time.

20. Best part of being a Mum?

Teaching Lilly things, watching her learn new things and grow into the most beautiful little girl.

I tag:

Cydney from thegoodlifebyme
Kate from katykicker
Paris from workingmumblog


  1. I loved Haven as a kid when they had the shows

    1. They still have the shows and thr clubs for the kids too. My mum can't fly so we always holidayed in the UK x

  2. Totally agree with your last answer. The joy you feel when your child learns new skills is amazing.

  3. Lilly is just the cutest xX

  4. Love the way you finished the 'way my heart melts' question. Also love your answer to question 20. :) xx

  5. Completely agree with your last answer :) Watching them learn and grow is absolutely the best thing x

  6. Can't believe you haven't been able to have a date night for 4 years! Is that frustrating or do you just love being with Lilly all the time? :) xx

    1. It does frustrate me a lot but I am hoping by the end of this year it will have changed x

  7. Lovely questions and answers :) Morrisons have great kids clothes - I'm sad that we don't have one near us anymore! A cruise sounds great as well, good choice!x

    1. I'm very lucky to have a morrisons quite close. I would love to go on a cruise again x

  8. Love the mummy tag, great way to get to know bloggers :)

    What's this sea horse light, I'm intrigued, do I need one ;-)

    1. This sea horse is a light up teddy which also plays calming music and the sounds of waves. I loved ours and still have it just in case we have another x

  9. What a lovely tag. I think I did this when I first started blogging! I don't think there is a child or parent out there who doesn't love CBeebies. What would we all do without it? And my daughter could happily eat fruit and pasta all day every day. Hugs Lucy xxxx

    1. I love tag posts to find out about others. Sounds like our daughters are two peas in a pod x


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