Planning the perfect beach day

With this long cold winter we have had I cannot wait for the sun so I can lather it up on the beach with my litle girl making memories.

I have been introduced to Adore swimwear and  lingerie and absolutely love the bikinis they do, they have some very  summery instagrampictures to get you in the mood.

This got me thinking what I would take to the beach myself for a day of sun, sea and pebbles in our case. My #BeachDayMusts.

The main thing would be a swimming costume, I am not that confident with my body at the moment so would probably have a kaftan too to cover up my bumps and lumps. 

An essensial to take in my bag would be a book, I personally find Girl Online by Zoella such an easy read and a well written story too. I also love a bit of music to keep the mood up, who doesn't? So my phone and headphones are always with me.

Onto more personal bits such as sun cream this is definetly essensial for me, I have such fair skin that it's burns within minutes, also having Lil's on me is just part of being a mum and being prepared.

The last little bits would be some Vasaline lip care to keep them looking hudrated, some Mua concealer in fair to cover up and spots or dark circles and a hair tie to keep it off of ny neck.

These are certainly the main bits that I would take, but I would probably end up taking a lot more when it comes to it. 

Lets hope that summer comes soon so we can enjoy the beach and the sun while it lasts



  1. You've packed the perfect ingredients for a super relaxing day :)

  2. Great ideas. You've packed the perfect bag for beach. I'm always so unprepared.

  3. Oh Adore Me have some fab pieces. Love their feed the fruit bra's cracked me up. Cannot wait for summer, well it is summer but I can't wait for the sun haha

    1. There bits are so cute. And I wish the sun would make more of an apperance. X

  4. I always love a good beach read but I'm not sure when I would get a chance to enjoy it with the two little ones!

  5. Oh thanks for posting this. I am in the middle of sorting out all the summer clothes we need for our first summer holiday. It's not until August but I want to be organised. I am in need of 2 new bikinis so definitely will check our their website.


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