Our morning routine

I have thought about writing this for months and have finally got around to it. This is our weekday morning routine. This includes sorting out for Liam to go to work and Lilly to go to nursery.

6 - 6:30am - Lilly wakes up and calls for me, we then go into the front room and have some cuddles. 

6.45am - Time to try and wake Liam up for work. This can take up to 7am. Whilst he's waking up I sort his lunch out. 

7 - 7.15am Its breakfast time, Lilly and me have cereal or toast and Liam haves tea and biscuits.

7.20 - 7:30am Time to get me and Lils dressed and ready for school 

7:35am Liam leaves for work so we say goodbye and start getting ready to leave ourselves.

7.55am We leave for to go and get the bus for the nursery run. Our bus gets to the stop at 8.08am 

8:15 - 8:20 We get off the bus and walk the final bit to nursery, about a 5-10 minute walk. 

8:40am The doors to nursery are open and it's time to drop her off. 

8:50am My bus leaves to take me home. It's usually late but gives me time to get there.

9 - 9:15 I finally get home to start the house work and usually get myself a cup of tea.

This is an average morning for us at the moment. It takes almost 2 hours for our school run at the moment but will hopefully get a lot quicker when I save enough to get a car.



  1. Such a busy morning you have! I'm glad you manage to fit some me-time in there too x

  2. Aw I love mornings more so weekend mornings but mostly they are all good when everything goes to plan. Hope you save up enough for a car soon that will be so lovely for you and be much quicker for you although must be so fun for your little one getting the bus xx

  3. I love mornings and our routines solely depend on the weather! My 3yr old loves the outdoors so much I think she'd pitch a tent out there to live if I'd let her, lol #Love2Blog

  4. This sounds very much like us, though it isn't unusual to be up and awake by 4am in this house with Edie's dodgy sleeping. For me there are three to dress, two places to drop off and then it's home to cram in house work and get to work on the blog before it's back to collect! Us mums never have a minutes rest do we?! H x

  5. Sounds very organised! thanks for sharing :)

  6. Well done you! That must be such a pain having to get the bus. Well done you for being so organised and on time every morning xx

  7. You have such a busy morning and it can't be made any easier by having to get the bus. You're super organised!

  8. Busy morning! Toby only goes to nursery once a week so far and that can be a bit manic... No idea how I'll do it when the baby arrives!xx

  9. What a busy morning but you are so oragnised!! Ours is slightly more chaotic!


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