Mini Lush haul

I love sharing my Lush Cosmetics bath bomb hauls with you all, and completely forgot that I hadn't shared my Valentine's gift from my man. He told me that I could pick some bath bombs off the website as he didn't have a clue what to get me. I picked three bath bombs and asked for some samples too.

I picked intergalactic which I have had once before. I absoloutly love the minty smell and the way that it makes my bath look. 

The second was the Twilight bathbomb. The smell of this one reminded me a little of the Space Girl bath bomb they used to sell. I have recently used this one. The smell was amazing but the colour wasn't the most intense I had seen.

The last bath bomb I picked was the Honey Bee bath bomb. I picked this one as I am loving anything honey at the moment, it seems to do wonders for my skin so cannot wait to try this one out soon.

I recieved four samples, I got some Hair Custard, Yummy Mummy Shower Creme, Love and Light Hand Cream, and a daddy 'o solid conditioner.

I have gone one to use the shower creme which smelt quite nice but wasn't a scent I would normally go for. I have also used the solid hair conditioner which smelt sooo soo good but was a bit of a pain to use. 

I love getting samples to try out different things that I probably would never even think about trying. 

What is your favourite Lush product? 



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