Lush Cosmetics • Honey Bee bath bomb review

Last night I really wanted a chilled evening as have been feeling a little strange for the past few days so decided to use my Honey Bee bath bomb. I am absoloutly obsessed with the scent of honey at the moment and the way honey makes me skin and hair feel. 

This bath bomb smells amazing but was a little over powering for a couples of minutes when placed in the bath (we have a small bathroom). This bath bomb is a very quick fizzer and lets out a lot of colour into the bath. 

My bath turned bright yellow and the actual bath had a yellow ring at the top of the water line. There was also a lot of grey dust in the bottom of my bath which was slightly annoying.

I must admit that my skin felt amazing after my bath and I felt very relaxed after my bath.

I did quite like this bathbom BUT the staining of the bath and the grey dust let it down a bit. 

RRP £3.50



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