Blogmas day 6 • Decorating for Christmas

Yesterday we finally got the decorations up. My most favourite part of decorating is putting uo the christmas tree. 

The only part of thr Christmas tree decorating I dislike is spreading the branches out as I never seem to do it enough. 

We toom about 15 minutes to set up the tree with attatching the two parts and seperating the branches. 

I started by putting the second set of lights on as the tree itself already have a set attatched to it. We had a box of 400 coloured lights which have done the trick and covered our tree with plenty of lights which can be set to twinkle, flash and slowly swap from one colour to another.

We then put the tinsel on which Lilly helped with a lot by grabbing it from the other side and passing it back around to me.

Lastly was obviously the baubles which Lilly absoloutly loved to help with, I was almostnput of a job with how well Lilly was doing, she was loving picking the baubles and choosing there location on the tree, she made sure tjey were spread around and didn't put more than one on  a branch.

I absoloutly love our Christmas tree this year, its so colourful and festive.

Happy Blogmas



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