Blogmas day 4 • 10 Things that make me feel Festive

This time of year I sometimes struggle to feel festive as everything starts so early every year. Here is a list of ten things that help keep me feeling festive up until Christmas

1 - Speciality drinks in coffee shops with festive take away cups to go with. 

2 - Warm scented candles with spices and foody scents.

3 - Baking all things christmasy (ginger bread, mince pies, malteaser cake)

4 - Christmas films, any of the classics or new ones for me, as they as they make me feel christmasy.

5 - Shopping for Christmas treats and munchy bits.

6 - Good old Christmas music to dance around the living room to and sing your heart out.

7 - Planning and doing crafts with my Lilly pops, of which there will be many of 😊.

8 - Cold weather so you can wrap up warm in hats scarves when out or  wrapping up in blankets with a warm drink when inside.

9 - Looking through all the gift guides and writing my Christmas list.

10 - Lastly it's Christmas eve itself, the cooking of the boiling bacin, prepping the veg, final sort out, excitment for the next day and the setting up for Santa with Lilly pops.

I hope you are starting to feel festive, what type of things make you feel in the Christmas mood?

Happy Blogmas



  1. These all get me in the festive mood.
    I love listening to Christmas music all in the time in December especially when decorating the tree.

  2. All things that make me festive too. Nothing better than dancing around to Christmas songs and wrapping up in scarves and big jumpers!

  3. Great list, I love getting in the festive spirt. I've been dancing around the our Christmas CD in the kitchen for a while now and I've just ordered a spiced scented candle too xx

  4. I love a Costa Christmas coffee and the festive Yankee candles. Bliss.

  5. Love this! I agree with everything on this list to get you in a festive mood :). I like the sound of that malteser cake too! :) xx

  6. The crappy channel 5 christmas films are a must, and the takeaway coffees too ;) x

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  8. Lovely list.

    I'm not feeling at all festive at the moment but I've had a tough few weeks and Christmas has been at the back of my mind. I might do some festive baking tomorrow though, hopefully that will put me more in the mood. :)

    Jenna at Tinyfootsteps xx

  9. I'm not a Christmas fan tbh but I do love the smells associated with it! x

  10. Great list, these are all the things that make me festive too. x

  11. Definitely the Christmassy drinks and food out there, we always go to the Christmas market in Belfast for some. Putting our Christmas tree up is always a major one for us and cooking for food for our Christmas lunch.xx

  12. You are so right about the Christmas themed cups you can take away. I've only been to Costa today to take away from hot chocolate just so I can have a penguin cup. Lol

  13. I used to get angry when Christmas started in November, but now lamb understands it we have been so excited and our tree has been up since the end of November! I love all of the classic Christmas songs and watching movies etc. I just love Christmas!! Xx

  14. Oh baking, shopping and all the fuss. I LOVE Christmas :)


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