Blogmas day 3 • Santa arrived to town

Blogmas day three is about Santa arriving at his grotto in our local town this time last week. We had a lovely evening out with lots to see and wanted to share it for you.

We got down there about 5:40pm as he was arriving at about 6pm which gave us time to get a space to stand and get kind of comfy. It was ridiculously crowded down there and so many people we pushing in.

Lilly sat on my shoulders to see Santa arrive with Mrs Claus in his sleigh. The sleigh was being pulled by three beautiful reindeer and pushed by a steward lol. They were lead in by an ice queen which Lilly hated. She said her mask was scary but she liked her dancing.

After the crowds started to disperse we saw that they had a giant snow globe there in which you could go in and get  photo with Anna and Elsa. The queue was way to long for us so we looked in from outside which Lilly loved.

Lilly also got to meet Santa a bit more closely, we went to the ice skating rink where he came down to see some of the children and actually shook Lilly's hand. She was so excited.

The reindeers that had pulled Santa in were put in a pen full of straw so that all the children could see them. I was a little worried about how Lilly would react as she didn't like the goats on holiday so I  thought that these may be a bit scary for her too but she thought they were really cute.

they also had a snow machine down there which I think Lilly was actually most excited about. she was so happy just to stand and be snowed on, bless her,

There was a lot more down there to see but Lilly was so tired so we got the next bus home. She actually fell sleep on the bus which was super cute.

It was a really good evening, very busy but good none the less.
.Priory meadow have outdone themselves this year.

Happy Blogmas



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