Blogmas Day 13 • Melted snowman biscuits • Recipe and Method

I wanted to do something Christmasy with Lilly so decided to buy some biscuits and make some cool looking and very yummy melting snowman biscuits.


Digestive biscuots
White icing
Coloured icing (for decoration)

This is so simple to make


1. Just make up a bowl of icing and split some into other bowls and add food colouring, or use coloured tube icing. 
2. Use the coloured icing to draw a face on the marshmallows
3. Spoon some white icing onto a digestive biscuit.
4. Place a marshmallow face on the edge of the biscuit
5. Add some decpration to the biscuit as hands.

I hope you enjoy this simple and fun recipe to do for parties or just as a festive treat.

Happy blogmas



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