Rice Crispy Brains • Halloween

This week we have been theming our crafts and recipes on Halloween so I wanted to share our recipe for our spooky rice crispy brains 


150g Rice Crispys
250g marshmallows
15g butter
Red icing stick


1. Melt butter in a sauce pan
2. Add marshmallows and melt 
3. Mix in the rice crispies then leave to cool
4. Once cool mould into brain shapes
5. Decorate with red icing pen as veins
6. Leave to set in the fridge

These are very simple and yummy and look pretty good too. Mine didn't turn out perfect but they still taste good. 

Love to know if you give these a try.



  1. Easy and delicious. I have to try

    1. They taste so good. There a little messy to make though x


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