Lush Cosmetics • Intergalactic bath bomb review

This is by far my favourite bathbomb. The bath bomb, intergalactic is the one I have been most wanted to use. 

The smell of this bath bomb is very minty and filled our bedroom (where I store them) was completely filled with the smell of it. The colours look so pretty and make the bath bomb look like a planet. 

The moment that you out the bath bomb into the water the blue color starts to fill the bath from the bottom up. You can see different layers in the bath. The other colours make a foam on top which makes you bath look like a galaxy which is constantly changing. 

After the foam has dissapeared the whole bath is an amazing blue color full of glitter. It looks so much like the night sky.

The bath all together was so relaxing, even though there was a fresh minty smell. The colour and the glitter make it relaxing. The only problem is that you are absoloutly covered in glitter when you get out of the bath.

I would love to get another one next time I'm over there.

Rep £3.95



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