Lush Cosmetics | The Experimenter

The best bath bomb by far. 

As you may know I recently got The experimenter which I was slightly reluctant as I had heard that it turns you water Greg, which wasn't true with mine luckily.

The bathbomb is a 3d hexagonal shape with a incense stick scent to it. The bath bomb has five different colours, purple, pink, blue, cream and gold. 

When you put the bathbomb into the water it shoots colours in every direction creating a beautiful rainbow in the bath. After the colours have all mixed together I got a beautiful deep purple coloured bath full of glitter. 

The smell is so beautiful and lingers through the whole bath time, it is such a relaxing smell and completes the who event.

I was very reluctant to buy this at first as I heard that it made your bath water grey but I am so glad that I did pick it up.

RRP £3.95



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