Weekend box unboxing | Mummy Monday

A few days ago we got a weekend box through the post. This is an active box aimed at children between 4-6 and has items in that I believe follow a theme.

Lilly's box was all themed around fish and her box contained

- Magnetic fishing
- Squishy little fishes
- Jiggle jellyfish 
- Crispy fish fingers

I love the way that it isn't just drawing crafts, there are games, cooking and things to make. 

These all sound really fun and you only have to provide a few extra bits and you get a lot of these crafts in the box from the start.

The box is covered in woodland animals and looks so smart and fun for children and is addressed to them too. 

I am so happy with this and cannot wait to get stuck into it with Lilly.

To get your box check out the website

This is a subscription box that retails and £7.50 per box



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