Lush Cosmetics | Dragon's Egg

The next bath bomb to be reviewed is Dragon's egg. I brought this for two main reasons
1. I have heard amazing things about it

The bath bomb is quite large in size and smells very citrus like. It is white in colour from the outside with a few colours of what looks like rice paper disks.

The moment you drop in into the bath the bomb starts fizzing into a white mass of foamy bubbles, it then starts rolling around and spreading the white foam about until a small hole appears in the side of the ball.

Once this happens the gold (dragon) starts to come out of the egg and making your bath water beautiful and golden with shimmer in too, which stays on your skin giving you a slight glow. The smell lasts the whole bath time making the room quite relaxing but doesn't send you to sleep. 

My bath after was full of glitter so needed a good wash out after but well worth the mess that it caused.

RRP £3.35

All in all my favourite bath bomb so far.



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