Driving lessons | 6-10

Lessons 6 through to 10 are now complete. I have done so much in the last five lessons.

Lesson 6

My first time parking, parallel parking to be exact. I did it twice and didn't hit the curb and wasn't to far out. I am so pleased with how this went. 

Lesson 7

Another lesson, another parking session, this time was my bay park. I drove to one of our local supermarkets to do this and managed this as well. My instructor explains everything in a way to make it memorable.

Lesson 8

This was a recap on the first two manauvers, the three point turn and the reverse around the corner. The three point turn went fine it was the reverse around the corner than went slightly wrong but I will get there.

Lesson 9

This again was a recap but of the parking, again we did two manauvers, the parallel park and the bay park which I remember quite well and feel pretty confident about both of these.

Lesson 10

Lesson ten saw my drive down the country lane which is part of the test route. I didn't do too bad and I felt that this was the most confident I felt driving, apart from I stalled once (opps).

Next lesson brings a mock test to my attention. Very excited to see how I do.

I have also book my theory test which I am so excited for. In about two weeks time I will hopefully have passed it and be almost there to passing my practical. So lots of studying and revising to do for me.



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