Tumble Gym

Last week we took a trip to our local tumble gym for toddlers, I was a little nervous how Lilly would react to all the equipment but so absolutely loved it.

We entered our local gymnastics centre to find so much to do including a bouncy castle, the foam pit, beams and trampolines too. 

This was Lillys favourite, the foam pit she was jumping into it and swimming in it. She would then managed to get to the edge to pull herself out, God knows how though as I could barely move in it lol.

She was exeptionally good at the beam and managed to cross the one next to her in the picture all by herself holding her arms out to steady herself, I was and am so proud that she managed it.

Lilly also loves bouncing on the trampolines apart from when she fell over as she couldn't get back up. I also had a go on a couple of times managing to remember my P.E lessons and pulling of a swivel hips before face planting the floor.

It was a brilliant couple of hours out and I will definitely be taking her again.



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