Jacob's Cracker Crisps

We were sent some Jacob Cracker crisps to try put from BzzAgent, I was really excited to try these as a good snack for all the family and wad very happy with what I recieved 

I got sent three bags of 150grms in the flavours Thai sweet chilli, sour cream and chives and Sea salt and Balsamic Vinegar. 

As a mum, I try to find snacks that I can have in for all three of us and these are certainly a product that I can. Lilly and I love having a handful with her lunch and my other half loves tucking into some after work.

Thai sweet chilli was my other halves favourite flavour, he said that they weren't too spicy but had a bit of a bite to them. This flavour personally isn't my cup of tea.

Sour cream and chives was liked the least in our house but don't get me wrong, they are still very tasty and full of flavour. The problem with these for me is the flavour was a little too strong  (maybe that's me being picky)

Sea salt and Balsamic vinegar was a winner in our house, especially for my little girl. I found these so tasty and the flavour Isn't too over powering but is quite subtle so you can eat a few without your mouth burning 

The size and shape of the cracker crisps is perfect, they are a brilliant snack size and perfect size for sharing too.

I would certainly buy a pack of these for the cupboard and will definitely recommend them to others.



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