Grow with Kellogs

We saved the codes for a Grow with Kellog's kit, which arrived in just 1 week after applying.

In the kit you get
- A mini spade
- A pot
 - A character body and ears
- Seeds, 1 of 4 to choice from

You need to provide the soil which we had some in the cupboard from planting some sunflowers.

Lilly loved filling the pot and adding the seeds (which were in a teabag type thing) she then covered them up and watered them.

Just 3 days after we saw the first ones sprouting up to the top and after a few more followed

This is three weeks after we received our kit and we have a (kinds) head of cress hair which we will be adding to some egg mayo or a salad. I love growing with Lilly and teaching her where food comes from and this a cool way to do it with children, especially over the summer holidays.



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