Our Sunday afternoon

Today wasn't the best weather but we still made the most of it with out little terror. We went over Nanny's for the afternoon.

When we firsy got there, we went out in the garden and played with her sandpit and played catch before we hid inside for a bit as it came over very dark. 

After a few minutes the weather brightened up a bit so we took a trip along the road to walk the dog and go to the playpark. Lilly turned into a little daredevil and decided to climb the climbing frame.

We ended the day with a BBQ, sadly it turned a bit cold so Lilly had a scarf wrapped around her. We had so much food, probably not the bwst when your watching you weight. We had burgers, sausages, chicken legs, lamb kebabs and salad bits. A lovely end to a pretty good day.



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