Home decor on a budget

Making your house and home can sometimes feel like a wallet emptier but it doesn't have to be. We still have a low budget for home decor but have managed to make our place look more homely with a few bargains.

Firstly look around boot sales or garage sales, I picked up the picture below for just £2 from a garage sale I just fell in love with it. There's usually a lot of homewear at bootsale and even table sales and you can sometimes barter them down a little on price.

Stores like pound stretcher and pound land are brilliant for homely bits. I love being able to find pretty much anything in pound stretcher like the canvases below, mirrors, shelves, picture frames and little motto signs to. They start from just £1.99 and just make a place look a litle neater. 

Poundland are brilliant for the little touches, from kitchen bits to garden bits. You don't need to spend a lot to make a difference, however big or small.

Lastly is DIY things such as my creation below, this cost me about £2.50 all in. Just rows of string, some mini pegs off ebay and some family photos. Personally I love this as you can change the pictures when you feel or even decorate to season. 

I love making our place more homely and unique for us. I hope this has given you some tips or ideas.



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