New hair cut

Today I finally had a chop of my hair, it was a much needed hair cut. It was just so long and very damaged. It feels so much lighter and is just a fresh feeling for our up and coming holiday :)
It also is better for summer around the corner.

I had a couple of inches taken off and it layered with a chop chop style. I also had my hair slighly gingerness taken from my hair just by some purple shampoo being used, which I am certainly going to get my hands on.

The last thing was to reset my fringe and to give it a bit of a chop too. I have to train my fringe to stay where it is as I have whats called a 'cows lick' so is harder to keep the new style.

It's nice to have a fresh feel or look and always makes you feel a bit more pampered. Just what the doctor ordered.



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